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The Facts Behind Seven Popular Mediation Myths

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Weinberger, et al. (plaintiffs) were UOP minority shareholders and brought suit, challenging the merger. The Delaware Court of Chancery found in favor of the defendants.

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David Weinberger writes about the effect of technology on ideas. Dr. Weinberger is a senior researcher at the Berkman Klein Center.

He has been a philosophy professor, journalist, strategic marketing consultant to high tech companies, Internet entrepreneur, advisor to several presidential campaigns.

The tech industry loves to talk about small, nimble startups. In reality, though, the tech game plan today is all about bulking up and getting as big as possible. Mar 28,  · Caspar W.

Weinberger, who held high positions under three Republican Presidents and oversaw the biggest and costliest military buildup in peacetime. The US-Taiwan Business Council helps promote the U.S.-Taiwan trade and business relationship, along with assisting U.S. companies in Taiwan.

This page describes our mission and history.

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