Smart phones narrow digital divide

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Education and Digital Divide EDU 304

At times of usual such as disease outbreaks, African challenges resort to our mobiles for SMS alerts about vaccinations and tone control tips. The easiest way to get the narration on your site is to prove the code below. When new technologies begin to go mainstream many assume this leads to a narrowing of the digital divide.

The obvious example is the mobile phone. In this digital age, we have assumed that smartphones and apps are the new normal for youth. A recently released Pew Research Center report on teens and technology further corroborates this belief.

Smart phones have helped bridge the divide, as they provide internet access to populations previously at a digital disadvantage. Pew reports that, among smart phone owners, “young adults, minorities, those with no college experience, and those with lower household income levels” are more likely to access the internet primarily through their.

The digital divide among low-income youth defines their struggle to gain meaningful access to technology at home and in school.

It is more than low-income youth possessing a smart phone. Low-income youth often suffer from the ability to adapt to evolving technology because of limited access to technology, which jeopardizes their professional. Internet Pew: Smartphones narrow digital divide. Surprising as it might be to the digitally active, one in five adults in the U.S.

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How mobile phones increased the digital divide

Korpi, Baylor. "Smart phones" are quickly becoming the next phase of media convergence. True. In an industrial society, the primary mode of employment is the production and distribution of food.

False. The digital divide describes the gap between the rich and the poor in terms of access and use of the internet.

Smart phones narrow digital divide
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